This place literally saved my life. Chance took a chance on me, and it helped me to start my journey of healing. I felt so lost before I found this place. My heart rate slows more than medication can make it and it calms me. Katie is an amazing person, and I am privileged to know her. Her staff is incredible too. – AR, Veteran, US Air Force

Our daughter has various learning disabilities and delays. She also has low muscle tone which can lead to things like scoliosis. Her doctor recommended therapeutic riding to help with all of her issues. We’re so glad we did because we could see a difference in her after just the first few sessions.  

Her speech exploded after we started at Bridle Paths. Not only that, but she got so much stronger, especially her core.  She was small and a little intimated in the beginning, so she required some assistance and patience. But Katie and her team persevered and now she can’t wait for her weekly riding session. She’s getting great therapeutic benefit and doesn’t even know it because it’s so much fun.  I’m sure her horse loves all the hugs and kisses she gives. – JO, Parent

After his diagnosis of TBI, my husband began his journey toward healing at Bridle Paths. He included our family in the journey, and we soon joined him for family equine therapy sessions. Our family has received the blessing of healing and growing individually & as a family unit through our work with the staff and volunteers, who all show great honor and respect for the participants and the horses alike. Bridle Paths is unique because although they implement professional therapeutic techniques backed up by research, they also create an organic atmosphere that allows for bonding and connecting with the horses and with one another. Hearing my husband comment about the peace and serenity he feels during our time at Bridle Paths is the greatest gift to our children and me. Thank you, Bridle Paths, for all you bring to our family and other military families! – OE, Veteran

There are so many good things to say about Bridle Paths that it is difficult to choose just a few.  The herd is well cared for, quirky and full of personality.  Each horse brings unique qualities to therapeutic riding.  Katie Fallon is a gifted teacher and equine specialist whose kindness, patience and skill make learning a joy.  All of this plus a beautiful rural setting add up to a rare treat; I cannot recommend Bridle Paths highly enough! – JG, Adaptive Riding student

It’s hard to explain what a visit to Bridle Paths can do for the soul.  Worries melt away.  Calm grows under the soft brown eyes of Katie’s healing horses.  It’s a safe, welcoming place for all.  – MS, Volunteer

Our 15-year-old son was clinically depressed in December 2020. His regular therapy was not working, and he and his therapist had decided to go on a break.  We decided to try Horse therapy with Katie and Bridle path. Our son originally was very reluctant to go. Katie made us all at ease right away and I could see my son’s interest showing up, after a whole year of showing no interest in anything. Katie said that you can’t hide your emotions from a horse and our son was very good at hiding his pain to protect us. 

Going to bridle path is the best thing we did – almost a year later, he still goes happily every time and now volunteers his time to help with the barn afterwards. He is not on medication anymore and is back to his original self, interested in the things he loved before and has acquired a lifetime love of horses. Katie and her staff have been so patient and supportive despite COVID, and they have helped our son get back to his life. This program saved us. We are so very thankful for their hard work and kindness. – AS, Parent

Bridle Paths works with our 7-year old daughter to develop ADHD coping mechanisms through horseback riding lessons. She has had a wonderful therapeutic and educational experience for the past year and, most importantly, we have seen her improvements carry over into her life outside the stable. For example, she has shown significant improvement in following multi step instructions as well as showing empathy toward others. Katie and Mairin are patient but firm instructors who understand how to communicate with children like our daughter who struggle with impulse control, hyperactivity, and focus. Through redirection, positive reinforcement and other techniques, Bridle Paths has given our daughter an ongoing growth opportunity in a setting that she genuinely looks forward to every week. While we hope this is just the beginning of what will be a life-long hobby, we know no matter what happens she is developing social capacities that will follow her into adulthood. – RO, Parent

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