Adaptive Riding

Adaptive Riding programs at Bridle Paths offer riding instruction to children and adults with physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional needs. Each lesson is adapted to the unique physical and emotional needs of the indEmpowering Together: Our Dedicated Team Assisting an Adaptive Riding Lessonividual rider, and builds communication, connection, and relationship. In addition to mounted instruction, lessons incorporate groundwork in horse care and horsemanship.  

Whether through mounted work or on the ground, our instructors offer lessons in an emotionally attuned way that we believe is one of the hallmarks of our Adaptive Riding services, and of our program as a whole. We strive to meet riders where they are, not only in a comprehensive sense as outlined in client documentation, but also in an evolving sense during lessons. For example, we may work with riders to determine whether to modify a particular lesson to focus on relational connection with the horse on the ground, rather than on riding skills, based on what’s going on for them at that time.

Each lesson is staffed with a PATH, Intl. certified instructor and trained and committed volunteers to ensure that lessons are conducted safely. Volunteers serve as horse leaders and side walkers and offer support in the barn for grooming, tacking, and social connection.  Of course, the most important staff members in each lesson are our horses! Each of our therapeutic mounts is carefully selected for temperament, training, and quality of movement, and is generally nonplussed by lesson sights, sounds, and activities.

We offer both private and semi-private lessons that are an hour in length and include both unmounted and mounted components. Most of our Adaptive Riding students participate in weekly private lessons. Where appropriate, we may place riders into group lessons to facilitate the accomplishment of social and communication goals. Our Committed Team Helping in an Adaptive Riding Session

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