Katie Fallon – Founder and Executive Director

Katie Fallon is a PATH, Intl. Advanced Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor with nearly twenty years of experience in facilitating sessions for clients with a wide range of physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional challenges. She is certified as an Equine Specialist through EAGALA, and is a PATH, Intl. Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. Katie also is certified as a Masterson Method Equine Specialist. She holds a certification in Equine-Facilitated Learning from the HERD Institute, where she has recently joined the faculty. She has presented on various aspects of equine-assisted services at national, regional, and local conferences. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in international relations from Georgetown University and Columbia University.

Beth Ratchford LCSW, MA – Therapist

Beth Ratchford is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Western Seminary. She has a private practice in Leesburg and specializes in treating adults who have experienced childhood trauma. 

Beth is an EAGALA certified Mental Health Specialist and provides Equine Assisted Psychotherapy services.  Beth has trained with Pia Mellody in the Post Induction Therapy model of treatment and uses it as the primary framework in her work with clients.  She is also trained in the use of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for treating trauma and other difficult life experiences.

Maggie Greeves – Program Assistant

Maggie Greeves graduated from Frederick Community College with an Associate Degree in Business Management. She is working to become a PATH, Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist in 2023.

Maggie has been volunteering and working at Bridle Paths since April of 2022. She has worked with horses since she was 4 and was part of a barn management training program from ages 12 to 16. Maggie has several years of experience working with children, from classroom environments to babysitting to summer camps.

Mairin Fallon – Volunteer Coordinator

Mairin Fallon is a senior nursing student at The Catholic University of America with a minor in psychology, expected to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing in May 2022. She wishes to work in pediatric psychiatry after graduation. She has volunteered at Bridle Paths since 2010,  and became Bridle Paths’ volunteer coordinator in 2014. 

Mairin has had a lifelong love of horses and started riding at the age of 3. She has assisted Bridle Paths in training, supervising, and orienting new volunteers to the program as well as with horse handling and stable management. She has extensive experience with working with clients with physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral challenges.

Betty and Wilma – Pest Control Engineers

Betty and Wilma come to us courtesy of Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. This dynamic duo works hard to maintain a pest-free environment. In their leisure time, they enjoy bird watching, watching over the horses, and napping in the sun.

Annual Adopt-A-Horse Program

Your gift provides essential support for your favorite equine, providing optimal nutrition, veterinary, and farrier care that helps our equine partners to bring healing and hope to those they serve.

Adopters receive: