The support of our community is essential to Bridle Paths being able to be of service to our clients. We cannot do this work without our donors and supporters. 

There are many ways that you can make a difference at Bridle Paths and to the lives of those we serve.

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See what your gift will buy!

Contribute Funds

See what your generous gift will buy!

$25 will purchase one bag of grain.
$40 will purchase one new riding helmet.
$400 will purchase a six-month supply of arthritis medication for one horse.
$1,000 will purchase routine veterinary care and vaccines for one year.
$1,200 will purchase one month of hoof care for our horses.
$2,500 will purchase three months of equine-assisted learning sessions for military families.
$2,700 will purchase a six-month supply of hay.
$6,400 will fund an eight-week equine-assisted psychotherapy group for veterans.
$10,000 will secure the care of one horse for one year.


Volunteer your time, energy and talents!

Work with horses and riders during regular weekly lessons.
Share your expertise in fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, legal, or other matters.
Assist with special events both on and off the property.

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Attend our events and invite friends to join you.

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All donations directly impact our organization and help us further our mission.