Brenda Walsh

Portrait Brenda Walsh
Brenda Walsh grew up overseas as a military and Federal government dependent and self-professed ‘horse girl.’ She started volunteering with Bridle Paths in 2020, cleaning stalls, horse handling, and side-walking. She chaired the inaugural Horsepower for Healing fundraising committee and was invited to join the board in 2023.

She serves on advisory boards for collegiate chapters of Sigma Kappa sorority, one of the largest private donors to the Alzheimer’s Association at Northeastern University and MIT. She is a member of the Junior League of Northern Virginia.

Brenda is a seasoned business transformation leader with nearly 30 years of experience working for Fortune 50 companies in the telecom industry. She is the program manager for AT&T’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the GSA.

She holds degrees in Political Science (Florida State University), Public Relations (University of Florida), an MBA (Webster University), a Master’s in Information Systems (University of Maryland Baltimore County), and a graduate certificate in International Business Management (Georgetown University). She is also a certified PMP.

Brenda lives in Leesburg, where you may find her walking her beagle, Billy, downtown, playing tennis at the Ida Lee Tennis Center, or on the Peloton leaderboard.

“I started volunteering with Bridle Paths because I wanted to get out into the world as things opened up after COVID. I liked the idea of working with horses without owning or leasing one. The more time I spent at the barn, the more I connected as a horsewoman, daughter, granddaughter, and niece of combat veterans. I love that I can use skills and talents at Bridle Paths to give back in ways I cannot in my professional life.”

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