Meet The Bridle Paths Herd...

Admiral is the gentle giant of the Bridle Paths herd. A Percheron-Thoroughbred cross standing at least 17.2 hands high, our herd boss boasts a quiet and kind temperament and tremendous athleticism. He carries riders with ease and kindness in mounted sessions, and he lends his sensitivity and intuition to the psychotherapy arena as well. We thank Admiral's owner, Michael Hasz, for free leasing this incredible horse to the program.


Lucy is a Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred mare from the famed Art Deco line. Lucy's flashy good looks and engaging personality have endeared her to many of our psychotherapy clients. Lucy continues her dressage education at Bridle Paths, and our more advanced riding students benefit greatly from her training. Many thanks to Sally O'Dwyer of McLean, Virginia for donating this sweet mare to the program.


Sunup is a 2003 Quarter Horse gelding standing 15.1 hands high. He is free leased to Bridle Paths by the Fallon family. Sunup has had training in both hunters and dressage, and he offers great learning opportunities to our more independent riders. His quirky and inquisitive personality (and his close relationship with Admiral!) brings great insights in psychotherapy sessions.


Pumpkin is a teenage Welsh/Thoroughbred cross pony standing about 14 hands high. He comes to us from Connecticut, where he logged lots of miles in the hunter show arena. Pumpkin's extensive training helps us to teach the subtleties of seat, leg, and rein aids to our students. His sensitivity is a significant asset in the psychotherapy arena, as clients learn to read and convey nonverbal cues in relationship with horses.


Ty is a 21 year old Paint gelding standing about 15.3 hands high. Since his arrival at the barn, Ty has become essential to mounted sessions for riders with physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges. He has considerable experience in 4-H, showmanship, and Western disciplines, and he is free leased to the program by board member Alison Umberger. When he's not helping our students to learn about riding and horsemanship, Ty can be found enjoying turnout with his buddy Elmo.

Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo is a 16 year old Belgian-Paint cross gelding. This star of trail and screen has extensive experience and training in judged trail and pleasure competitions, shows, and parades, and he was featured on television in the America's Favorite Trail Horse competition. Standing at about 16.1 hands high, Elmo works well with both teenage and adult clients; he is unfailingly kind, quiet, and forgiving in our sessions. This gentle equine giant truly loves people, and can be quite a clown seeking attention in the barn! Elmo is generously free leased to the program by Erika Andrews of Syria, Virginia.


Chance is a teenage Warmblood gelding that comes to Bridle Paths by way of the hunter show ring; he has extensive experience as an A-rated show hunter and equitation mount, showing up and down the East Coast in his younger days. Chance's show ring experience renders him unflappable and focused in the therapeutic riding arena. Standing 16.2 hands high, he is an appropriate mount for teenagers and adults alike. Chance is enjoying learning the ropes of the psychotherapy arena, where his mischievous personality really shines through. Chance is free leased to the program by the Fallon family.


Phillip is an 18 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding standing 16.2 hands high.  He was imported from the Netherlands as a young horse, and has the passport to prove it!  Phillip has been owned and loved for many years by Dr. Larry Kupperberg, who has opted to free lease this lovely horse to Bridle Paths.  Phillip has worked in many disciplines, including hunters and dressage, and he boasted good ribbons at Dressage at Devon in his younger days.  At Bridle Paths, Phillip’s kind, gentle demeanor has made him a fast favorite among clients and volunteers alike.  He relishes treats, and shows his appreciation with his trademark sticking out his tongue, reminiscent of Michael Jordan!